Sustainable Container Design - alternative formats

We asked for ideas on how to improve the overall sustainability of our containers, develop new alternative formats with low carbon and water intensity, with minimal associated waste, as well as strong reuse/recycling credentials.

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Circular Business Models – Refill and Reuse

Our aim is to make circular business models a reality across our brand portfolio. We asked for ideas on how you could help us leverage solutions across reuse and refill archetypes with an emphasis on consumer-focussed sales.

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Glass Bottle/Container Decoration

We asked for ideas on solutions which complement our existing filling and supply chain processes to improve the overall sustainability of our glass bottles. 

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Sustainable Container/Bottle Designs for eCommerce

We asked for ideas on solutions to optimise our glass bottles and other container formats with the associated packaging for shipping.

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Society 2030: Spirit of Progress


Diageo's 10 year action plan to help create an inclusive and sustainable world, underpinning our growth as a business whilst creating a positive impact in our company, with our communities and for society.

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